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Common Misconceptions about Russian Mail Order Brides

Mail order brides have become a common and fairly acceptable part of western societies. Truthfully, most of these women are coming from bad situations economically or socially. They use international marriages in order to find a way out of their country. This is NOT the situation with Russian mail order brides. Russian women are very well educated in competitive universities. Because it is expected that Russian girls be intelligent, they aren’t forced to choose between femininity and education. Even the mail order brides from small villages still have connections with the modern world and aren’t naive like many brides from poor and isolated countries. However, Russians still grow up with a sense of tradition at which family life is key. Women from Russia desire to be good wives and raise children with a compatible partner. While other mail order brides are trying to escape, most Russian women would rather not leave their country. However, in Russia the women outnumber men 100:88. This means that it is a reality for Russian girls to dream about finding their perfect man through international dating services.

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